“Regular screening finds lung disease early, when it is most treatable and survivable. At FLHC, we’re driving screening innovation and uptake.”

Mathew Ninan, MD, FACS, FRCS (Thoracic), FETCS 
Thoracic Surgeon and Convener, Florida Lung Health Coalition

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Did you know...

FLHC is the premier lung screening network in the state of Florida.

FLHC is involved in the entire lung health pathway, end-to-end, from lung health screening to disease treatment. » More
High-risk people are eligible for lung screening, but those without risk factors can get screening too. » More
FLHC leverages the most advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and liquid biopsy, to increase screening and to decrease time-to-diagnosis and time-to-treatment. » More
Committed individuals and a broad range of highly respected organizations— government, business, non-profit—have joined FLHC to make a difference. » More