We have a single shared goal: to accelerate the uptake and adherence of lung disease screening in Florida.

The FLHC Mission

We focus on three core activities:

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The FLHC Board

Howard G. Berger, M.D.

Board Member

More about Dr. Berger

Howard G. Berger, M.D., is a founding board member of the Florida Lung Health Coalition. Dr. Berger is president and chief executive officer of RadNet, the nation’s largest outpatient imaging network.

A graduate of Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Dr. Berger embarked on his medical career at the University of Illinois Medical School. With board certification in Nuclear Medicine, he gained further expertise through an Internal Medicine residency and a master's program in medical physics at the University of California. Dr. Berger's extensive background and leadership in both healthcare and non-profit sectors underscore his commitment to advancing the field and promoting public health initiatives.

Mathew Ninan, M.D.

Board Member & President

More about Dr. Ninan

Dr. Mathew Ninan, a founding board member and president of the Florida Lung Health Coalition, is also the Director of Thoracic Surgery at HCA Florida Healthcare West. He is a distinguished general thoracic surgeon specializing in robotic lung and esophageal surgery. Dr. Ninan completed his training in London and completed a cardiothoracic surgery fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Ninan has served in academic positions, including director of Lung Transplant at Vanderbilt University and chief of Surgical Oncology at the University of Tennessee. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the European College of Thoracic Surgery, and other medical organizations. Currently overseeing thoracic surgery development across 15 hospitals, Dr. Ninan leads a lung surgery program and one of Florida's largest lung nodule programs utilizing AI. His clinical research focuses on surgical innovation, incorporating robotic platforms, extended reality, and AI applications in thoracic surgery. As an educator, he has trained numerous thoracic surgeons in robotic surgery, demonstrating his commitment to advancing surgical practices.

Tim Merchant

Board Member

More about Mr. Merchant

Tim Merchant, a founding board member and the Executive Director of the Florida Lung Health Coalition, brings 22 years of distinguished leadership experience in the realms of medical devices and healthcare. Tim’s areas of expertise range from the establishment of national sales teams to navigating the intricacies of surgery, radiology, artificial intelligence, and population health. Tim has demonstrated proficiency in steering organizations through complex corporate integrations and is currently focused on developing screening networks dedicated to early cancer detection. In parallel, Tim is also the National Director of Screening Networks and Population Health Strategy at RadNet, a national leader in outpatient imaging. Tim’s academic foundation includes a Bachelor’s degree in business from Illinois State University. He is dedicated to advancing the coalition’s mission.

Meet the Team

Raquel Unzueta

Vice President

More about Ms. Unzueta

In her role as a board officer and Vice President of the Florida Lung Health Coalition, Raquel assumes a crucial role in shaping and executing strategic plans to realize the initiative's objectives, representing the organization externally and actively participating in partnerships and alliances.

Raquel also serves as the Director of Global New Business at RadNet, channeling her long-standing commitment to enhancing patient care in the oncology, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative fields. With dual Master's degrees in Clinical Neurosciences from Charité Universität and Vrije Universiteit, and Nutrition and Metabolism from the University of Navarra, Raquel's extensive experience spans fundamental research, direct patient experience, and business, offering a comprehensive understanding of the entire healthcare landscape. Her impactful contributions include spearheading innovation in healthcare pathways through cutting-edge AI technology implementation. Beyond her professional endeavors, Raquel's passion extends to championing inclusivity, with a commitment to expanding access for under-represented groups across the global healthcare sphere.

Dr. Jeroen Nijwening

Treasurer & Board Officer

More about Dr. Nijwening

Jeroen serves as the Treasurer and a Board Officer of the Florida Lung Health Coalition while holding the position of Director of Global Business Development at RadNet. His expertise in medicines and technologies for cancer detection and treatment adds invaluable insight to the coalition.

With a background in various medical and commercial roles within the pharmaceutical industry, Jeroen transitioned to a startup specializing in artificial intelligence tools for early-stage lung cancer detection, now integrated into RadNet’s AI division, DeepHealth. Holding a PhD in cancer genetics and an MBA in business strategy and finance, he is dedicated in his belief that early detection is pivotal in cancer survival.

Jenn Pumphrey

Program Developer

More about Ms. Pumphrey

As a non-profit program developer for lung cancer screening, Jenn plays a multi-faceted role in bringing together diverse stakeholders, resources, and strategies to address the complex challenges associated with early detection and prevention of lung cancer in a community. Jenn’s 18+ years of sales and marketing experience within the radiology field leans her area of focus towards community outreach, education, and partnership development.

Concurrently managing her responsibilities at the Florida Lung Health Coalition, Jenn also holds the position of Senior Director of Business Strategy at RadNet. In this capacity, she plays a vital role in advancing a range of cancer initiatives, including those focused on lung, breast, and prostate cancer.

Ana Espitia

Senior Program Coordinator

More about Ms. Espitia

Ana Espitia serves as the Senior Program Coordinator for the Florida Lung Health Coalition, where she occupies a central role in advancing the organization's mission to bolster lung cancer screening rates through strategic partnerships, comprehensive education, and impactful outreach endeavors. With a Master's Degree in Public Health-Epidemiology from the University of Texas at Arlington, Ana is a seasoned healthcare professional, equipped with expertise in radiography, mammography, radiation safety, and public health.

In tandem with her role at the Florida Lung Health Coalition, Ana serves as a Navigator at RadNet, actively contributing to a spectrum of cancer initiatives—encompassing lung, breast, and prostate cancer. Her dedication to promoting early detection underscores her commitment to improving healthcare outcomes and enhancing the well-being of individuals within her community.


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